Friday, March 13, 2009

Henrik's Application for Asylum Documents

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Valerie L. May, Esq. cover letter for Holappa's Asylum application. This di
scusses Holappa's persecution by the Finnish government for his political views, and the danger of incarceration if he were to return to Finland.

Henrik Holappa signature on page 9 of application dated 10 October. T
his is dated one day before the deadline of October 11th.

rik Holappa Affidavit. Describes his political persecution in Finland.


Resubmission of Timely Filed Asylym Application. Cover sheet
with letterhead of Holappa's attorney Valerie May used with the document that corrected the signature technicality in the first submission dated 10 October.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services I-797C, Notice of Action for Hen
rik Holappa, Case type: I589 Application for Asylum, Received 14 Oct 2008. In this document, the government provides a receipt for Holappa's application.


Natalija Kristina Holappa Affidavit. Describes political persecution of h
er brother by Finnish authorities

Raili Helena Holappa Affidavit. Describes political persecution of her son by F
innish authorities

Notice of Asylum-Only Hearing for 9 Dec 2008. Here, the government scheduled a routine immigration court appearance. Holappa appeared as required, and was then iss
ued another appearance date in July 2009. If he had done anything wrong, why would he have been given these notices?


Notice of As
ylum-Only Hearing for 21 July 2009

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